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Silver FAQs

Silver FAQs

Are we a licensed precious metals dealer?

If you are in a big doubt, then yes we are a licensed jewelry dealer in Delhi NCR. Our work is certified by the state government to help our customers get the highest price as per the market value. We are authorised to buy gold, silver, diamond as well as other heavy metals found in the earth crust.

Why choose a cash for silver than other jewelry buyers?

Unlike many other jewelry buyers, we do not look for our profit and cut a commission but offer the highest price as to 100% market value. We treat our valued customers with honesty, integrity, and respect and we look for your benefit in the entire procedure. We are experienced with our experts in the market value from over 20 years. All the transactions are done completely safe and secure.

What do we buy?

We buy gold, silver, diamonds. Unlike many jewelry buyers, we purchase articles but at the current market value. Coming to silver metals and precious white metals, we buy from scrap, broken, damaged, unowned to corroded precious white metals as well. Silver is best used in the photography, therefore if any industrial precious metal is left in bulk, we will buy them. This precious metal has a great variety of role starting from electrical, mechanical, medicinal and many. We purchase any denomination of silver whether it is a coin, bar, ingot or solid pure sterling metal.

What items we do not buy?

We do not buy any imitation, false or plated, or plastic items resembling to be the same. There are metals mixed with silver which when added with this metal reduces the value of it. Therefore, when help you sell them, we will inform all the necessary details and evaluate all the items with the prior consent of our customers.

Do we buy silverware or flatware?

Yes, we buy all silverware, flatware and utensils that are made of sterling silver or made and mixed with lead. But as a certified resell jewelry buyer we do not deal in plated items.

Does Cashfor Gold & Silverkings give appraisals?

Yes, we give an appraisal that is free of charge. All the evaluations are done in front of the seller and also though German Keretometer to give our best price of the market.

How do we pay?

All the payments are made through instant cash. In case, our customers are looking for a different way of transaction, we pay through online by Paytm, google pay, BHIM as well as online banking when necessary.

Do I need an appointment?

No, you do not need an appointment to meet our expert buyers and have a one on one discussion of the deal. Our team will assist you whenever needed.

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