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Diamond is the most valuable stuff and most of the girls loved this. we provide you the option to sell your diamond jewellery online and get the highest value for your valuable stuff we dealing in this field form 20 years and from the last 10 years we are the number one diamond jewellery buyers in all over Delhi NCR. We always try to provide the best service that's why clients love us most. They help us to work as a number one and their our trust in all over Delhi NCR. we are the not only who deal in the service but as compare to others, no one can provide the price like us. We deal in all kind of product.

Why would anyone ignore such a glittery gem out of the world. So here it is, diamond is more than anyone can imagine. It is a symbol for love and also for a good price. The name is given after a Greek Word ‘Adams’ which means ‘un-conquerable’ and also eternal love. But the magic is here, diamonds were actually found in India during the 4th Century. But actually the first such incident were made around 900 million years ago. Earlier these precious stones were transported along china to India.

A part from its charm, diamonds were mostly valued because of its strength, and their ability to retract light. Not only diamonds were used as a part of jewelry but also used as cutting tools. Also, this item also helped curing many wounds and illness when ingested.

Most importantly, diamonds have some similar characteristics of coal as they were made of Carbon. Although most of the metals or stone or the things that we see mostly but the difference lies in the arrangement of the element. Those carbons are processed with pressure and temperature and only found at the lithosphere. Though it is not all about the history but the science behind it. This sphere is found approx.. 240 miles below the crust of the earth.

Out of the ordinary, the supply was not enough to meet the demands of the whole world. Also, there are lot anyone must thing before going for buying such a precious gem as well as know the market to sell the dime. Around 1851, new places were discovered to gave a good source of these whites to many which eventually increased the supply and decreased the price. Therefore with these rates many could afford the gem and the rich could no longer the only buyers of such pleasure. Moreover, the elite could no longer made it a difference with rubies, sapphires or even emeralds became more popular over the time.

The rare nature of diamond and its strength-ness makes it a good and standard fit of a long engagement for two people. Also can be the best gift for any couple, family and even the best gift for good friends to celebrate anything. Because of the great history of diamond and its significance in humans lives, it is more likely be used.

Diamond Jewelry

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