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Gold F.A.Qs

Gold F.A.Qs

Do we buy jewelry?

Yes, you can sell your jewelry which may be new or old or scrap to the cost of current market value.

Are we a licensed precious metals dealer?

We are a fully licensed and authenticated precious metals dealers. We are certified by Government of Delhi NCR to buy gold, diamonds, jewelry pieces, platinum and silver. We have been with the most experienced jewelry buyers by our side from over 2 decades. Our declaration is available on our website as well as in our retail market to whoever interested.

Why should you sell your gold to Cashfor Gold & Silverkings?
  • Because we trade every valuable customer with our great honest and respect.
  • We pay 100% cash for your gold, silver and diamonds.
  • We have remarkably experienced jewelry buyers who offer based on the current market value.
  • We have experienced diamond Buyers as well.
  • Every transaction is done in full consent of the valuable customer.
  • We take pride as we close a deal in not more than 10 minutes in hand.
  • We offer the price in the spot.
  • We strive to offer our best possible help during the time of need.

How much do we charge in the services?

We do not charge anything for any service we offer. All the evaluation are done absolutely free.

What items do we buy?

We buy gold, silver, diamonds and platinum. All scrap, broken, damaged, used and unused jewelry pieced whether it is a neckpiece, chain, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. We also buy coins, ingots, solid precious metals, notes, idols, articles and utensils and even dental gold.

How will you be paid?

We pay you cash on the spot in the hand! In case you prefer a cheque and another preferred medium, we also offer the same.

Do you need an appointment?

No appointment and no appraisal needed. Our experienced and skilled jewelry buyer will help you get extra cash in hand in just a few minutes.

What will happen, if you aren’t sure about the sale?

Not a problem! We would love to evaluate and examine the items as we do not charge for anything at all and give you a quote for free and when asked we return back the items the same way you gave us.

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